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I am a recent graduate of Stony Brook University, who happens to be a die-hard fan of the Yankees. Ever since I was a little boy, the New York Yankees have always been a passion of mine and that passion has only grown. Twitter handle: @mgolda1216

Knowing the competition: Boston Red Sox


Threat Level: 10 Not many people saw the Red Sox winning to the World Series in 2013, but to not give Boston a threat level of a 10 would be doing the champions an injustice. They lost a key part in their 2013 run in Jacoby Ellsbury, but other than that, they are returning a […]

Knowing the competition: Detroit Tigers


Threat Level: 9 Why the Tigers will be good: The one-two punch of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer is tough to top, Miguel Cabrera is the best pure hitter in the game (the guy did sign a contract worth $292 million!), and they upgraded at closer by signing Joe Nathan. Perhaps their lineup isn’t as good […]

Knowing the competition: Baltimore Orioles

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Los Angeles Angels

Threat Level: 8 Buck Showalter has ushered in a new era of Baltimore Orioles baseball. With his mastery managing skills, he has made the O’s competitive again. Yeah, he also took over at a time when the Orioles, as a franchise, were grooming good, young talent, but Buck has showcased these young players. Their lineup […]

Knowing the competition: Los Angeles Angels


Threat Level: 6 The Angels have not quite lived up to the hype of their recent off-seasons, as they have missed the playoffs for the last four seasons. Pujols and Hamilton have struggled to stay healthy and Wilson was inconsistent last season. Four years out of the playoffs is a long time for a team […]

Knowing the competition: Texas Rangers


Threat Level: 8 The Texas Rangers are a team that is tough to put a finger on. They seemingly have the talent necessary to win every year, but recently they have underperformed their roster. They made a big trade in the offseason to dismiss Ian Kinsler to make room for budding star Jurickson Profar, who […]

Knowing the competition: Toronto Blue Jays


  Threat Level: 5 It was only a year ago where the Blue Jays were the talk of the AL East. Oh, what a year makes. Now, it would be a surprise to most if this team doesn’t finish in the cellar. Last year, the Jays acquired big names, but to no avail. So, they […]

Knowing the competition: Tampa Bay Rays


Threat Level: 10 The Rays always find a way to win. Manager Joe Maddon has taken this club from irrelevant to powerhouse during his stay, even with a minimal budget. The Rays predicate their success on the fundamentals of the game, but they do have some pretty darn good players. Since they have an identity […]

Knowing the competition: Minnesota Twins


  Threat Level: 3 The Twins for years were always competitive, then they stopped producing good pitchers and have had trouble competing ever since. Then Justin Morneau had an unfortunate turn of events with concussions and now the Twins have been in major rebuild mode. However, their future seems fairly promising, with Aaron Hicks having […]

Knowing the competition: Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners Introduce Robinson Cano

Threat Level: 6 Why did the Mariners make the big signing for Cano? Because they think he could be the final piece to a great team. I can’t really disagree. Now, I don’t think they are a big contender this season, but they could definitely surprise a lot people and make a run at the […]

Knowing the competition: Chicago White Sox


Threat Level: 5 A lot of me wants to give them a higher threat, but I just can’t. Their bottom of the lineup seems like a bad idea and the back end of their rotation is weak. Chris Sale is undoubtedly an ace, but the rest of the staff has a lot to prove. Jose […]

Knowing the competition: Houston Astros


Threat Level: 1 If the Astros win 60 games this season, they will deem it a success. When a team has those kind of standards, it makes everything that happens subjective. The lineup and the pitching staff will likely be in constant flux, as they continue to find and groom young players. Nothing on this […]

Knowing the competition: Cleveland Indians


Threat Level: 7 The Indians were an overachieving bunch last year and a big reason why was how well Ubaldo Jimenez pitched. However, Jimenez did not resign with the Tribe and now they have a pitching staff comprised of pitchers all under 30. They could all gel and pitch well, but it’s more than likely […]

Knowing the competition: Kansas City Royals


Threat Level: 7 The Royals are that team that you think can be good almost every year, but they never manage to crack .500. Well, last year they did and although they did not make the playoffs, it was a step in the right direction. The lineup on this team has a lot of potential […]

Knowing the competition: Oakland Athletics


Threat Level: 8 Year after year, the A’s continue to stay competitive, even if on paper they may not seem as tough. With the know-how of Billy Beane and his “moneyball” philosophy, he is able to get the most out of what his budget allows. The A’s have won the AL West the last two […]

Playoff Push: Yankees eliminated from playoff contention

(Courtesy of Kathy Willens/AP Photo)

Last night, during the 8th inning, the Yankees were eliminated due to a win by the Indians. The Yankees went on to lose the game anyway. It was a tough season for the Yankees, as they were riddled with injuries and could never get healthy enough to finish off the run. Tonight’s game will mark […]

Playoff Push: Yankees 5 games back with 5 to go

(Courtesy of Kathy Willens/AP Photo)

Last night, the Yankees were flat and lost to the Rays, falling 5 games back of the final Wild Card spot. With 5 games left, the Yankees playoff hopes are all but over. The same can’t be said about the Orioles, who were eliminated from the playoffs with their loss last night. Here are how […]

Playoff Push: Yankees remain 4 games back

(Courtesy of Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Both the Yankees and Indians were off yesterday, so the ground to make up is still 4 games. Things are looking bleak. Here are how the teams in contention fared yesterday: Rays: 5-4 win vs Orioles. James Loney belts walk-off home run in the 9th. Indians: OFF Rangers: 12-0 win vs Astros. Derek Holland throws […]

Playoff Push: Yankees drop to 4 games back after tough loss

(Courtesy of Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Despite a great start by Andy Pettitte on Mariano Rivera Day in the Bronx, the Yankees came up short. Their playoff hopes are on life-support and are going to need a minor miracle to stay involved in the race. The Rays finish their series with the Orioles today, so a loss by Tampa would be […]

Playoff Push: Yankees remain 3 games back of Indians

(Courtesy of Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Ivan Nova returned to his “Supernova” form in a complete game shutout against the Giants. Unfortunately, the Indians are playing the Astros, so the Yankees are facing another must-win against the Giants this afternoon to ensure to remain only 3 games back. Here are how the teams in contention fared yesterday: Rays: 5-1 win […]

Playoff Push: Yankees trail Indians by 3 games

(Courtesy of Elsa/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez’s clutch 7th inning grand slam gave the Yankees a 5-1 lead and an important win. With the Royals beating the Rangers, the Indians moved into the 2nd Wild Card spot with their rain-shortened win over the lowly Astros. The Yankees gained a half-game in the standings, as they are now 3 games out […]